Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Costume Suggestions

Halloween is just a few weeks away from now. Get ready for your little ones to make their way through the neighborhood and say, "Trick or Treat". There's enough time for you to plan and prepare what costumes they should wear. Here are some suggestions below:

1. Super Hero Costumes - kids love being a superhero even just for a day.

Super Hero Costumes

2. Classic Fairy Tale Costumes - let your kids wear his/her favorite character in a fairy tale story.
Classic Fairy Tale Costumes
Classic Fairy Tale Characters

3. Favorite Cartoon Costumes - cartoon characters are cute, adorable and fun to watch.

Favorite Cartoon Character Costumes
Cartoon Characters

4. Family Set Costumes - this will absolutely strengthen the bond and relationship between family members.

Family Set Costumes - Angry Birds
Family Set Costumes

5. Magician Costumes - "Trick or Treat?", teach your kid to prepare a little easy trick or magic.

Magician Costumes
Magician Costumes