Monday, October 7, 2013

Homemade Baby Food: Important Points during Preparation

Homemade Baby Food

Parents generally prepare Homemade Baby Food because it’s easy, simple and healthy for their infant. When you are about to introduce solid foods to your baby. You must always take note of this some important points when making Homemade Baby Food.

Seek advice from your pediatrician. Always visit your pediatrician before you start making a new homemade baby food recipe to your baby. You will get to know on what food and when to introduce it to your baby.

Observe for 4 days. When you begin to introduce a new homemade baby food to your infant, you should offer him/her the SAME new food for 4 days and observe if he/she gets allergies from that food.

Always sanitize. Before making your Homemade Baby Food, always sanitize your hands, cooking utensils, preparation table and other equipments you will use. Remember, this is a MUST: cleanliness and food safety.

Be patient. Babies are unique and have different tastes. Homemade baby food recipes you have used before or recommended by friends may not work anymore to your infant. Try to experiment with solid baby food for your child. As we all know that “Mothers Knows Best” for their babies.